'A healing illusion' / project created by Barbara Mydlak (PL) and Yann Deval (FR)

Series of over 60 'Sent unsent letters' objects by Barbara Mydlak and musical compositions composed by Yann Deval in creation from April 2020 and still in progress.
Together, they try to find communication tools to build the dialogue beyond words by creating material questions and musical answers, or vice versa.

'Sent unsent letters' objects / recycled paper, kozo fibres, ink, sugar, own technique
Max. size of one object: 22x32 cm

Musical compositions (used in the video): 'Bouleversements', 'Boussoles'
Upright piano, accordion, electric bass, electric guitar ebow, kick drum, eggs, harmonica, tibetan bowl, glockenspiel, moog synthesizer

Video with music / 12':

Artworks, photography: Barbara Mydlak
Musical compositions, editing: Yann Deval